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Healthy Personal Rhythms for the Pastor’s Wife

Discover the blessing of setting boundaries and living within the limits that God has set for us. Find inspiration to reset your center, prioritize God, and model healthy choices for those you love. Join this pastor's wife on her journey of restoration and renewal, and let it inspire you to live a life that truly honors God.

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Beyond Partnership

Uncover the secret behind their profound connections that surpass the conventional idea of partnerships. Journey alongside Harvest Glasgow as they transition from using the term 'partnership' to 'familyship,' capturing the essence of their deeply interconnected relationships. Explore the pivotal role of these spiritual alliances, as Harvest Glasgow reflects on the significance of their church friendships at the recent Rooted Conference. With renowned speakers such as Jeremiah Canfield, Scott Hollingshead, Jerry Lingenfelter, and Marius Mezin, the conference ignited a flame of transformation and empowerment.

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Establishing Healthy Rhythms for a Pastor and Wife

Don't miss the chance to establish non-negotiable healthy rhythms and support each other on the journey. It's all about blend, not balance.

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Going Further Together

Together, we'll prioritize God's glory and impact generations for eternity. Let's set aside self-dependence and embrace the strength found in unity.

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God Needy, People Needy, Network Needy Christians

From collaboration and resource pooling to ministry discipleship and care, learn why local churches thrive when they tap into the collective wisdom, resources, and support of other churches.

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The Collective and the Partnership of Marriage

Explore how the partnership of marriage can unlock the full potential of your leadership, benefiting both your wife and your ministry.

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