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3 Unreasonable Expectations of the Pastor’s Wife

Churches have expectations of the pastor's wife, but often they go too far. Here are three unreasonable expectations to avoid.

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3 Appropriate Expectations on the Pastor’s Wife

Churches, have you ever wondered what is appropriate to expect from your pastor's wife? This article outlines three expectations that are both fair and beneficial for everyone involved.

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Fighting for Faith in the Land of the Living

There are three kinds of people: those who are in a trial, those who just came out of a trial, and those who are about to head into one. Learn ho to fight for faith, hope, and peace when things look bleak.

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The Great Commission and Church Planting

While there are many things you can do to prepare for church planting, the most important thing is to be fully committed to the task by constantly reminding yourself of what God has called you and your team to accomplish. This article looks at how Matthew 28 relates to church planting today.

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Our Church Planting Story: The Candidate

Ever wonder how church plants find their leaders? Learn how one church identified and cultivated their candidate in this inspiring blog post.

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Death of a Dream

My words and actions tried to veil the desires of my heart: that God would make my ministry dreams come true.

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