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Thinking About Our Witness During the Election

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Preaching Prior to An Election

As our cultures secularize, our neighbors' religious and moral energies—which God created in each of us—will increasingly find their eschatological hopes and missional actions in the public square. As pastors, we ought to help people grow in gospel-shaped hopes and actions.

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Discipleship and the Pastor's Wife

Join us on a journey of faith, as we explore how being a pastor's wife, or any child of God, means embracing a cycle of spiritual growth and sharing the love of Christ in both ordinary and extraordinary moments.

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How to Gauge your Churches Readiness to Plant

Thinking about church planting? It's more than just numbers; it's mentality. Explore the three essential mentalities your church needs for a successful plant.

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Do you have a blueprint for Discipleship?

Explore the divine blueprint for crafting disciples, uncovering God's role as the ultimate Master Builder. Learn why a detailed plan is essential and access a blueprint for small groups that can transform your ministry. Dive into the article now to start building with purpose and vision.

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Day One Discipleship: Creating a disciple-making culture from the jump.

Start your church plant on the right path toward fulfilling the mission of making disciples for Christ. Dive into this insightful article now!

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